There are two organizations using the name “CAIR” and this turns out to be important

There is some follow-up on the March 25 post.  The Virginia attorney I had met with on Oct. 4 had mentioned the “CAIR org” as an organization that might be able to supervise a housing offer.  (The other group had been Ayuda , which specializes in Latin American immigrants.)

When I looked up CAIR online I found the Council on American Islamic Relations.  But apparently I dropped the signal on this one.

But today I learned on Facebook, from a new DC Center Global posting,  about an upcoming briefing by a different group, the Capital Area Immigrants’  Rights Coalition  which also uses the acronym.

This might be significant. CAIR Coalition focuses on immigrants in detention or facing deportation, including some asylum seekers, and has considerable legal expertise in Virginia specifically.  A large number of detainees are kept in facilities in Virginia, which I was not aware of (the nearest facility I knew about is near York, PA).  The group recruits volunteers who can answer phone banks or assist with detention facility visits or possibly credible fear hearings (as witnesses).  The group prefers volunteers to be fluent in immigrant languages (especially Spanish or Arabic).  The website that the group does supervise foster care housing arrangements for unaccompanied minors (usually teens 15-17).  The site does not mention a need for hosts for adults.  As far as I know, it is generally not possible for potential hosts to “bail people out of detention” unless they are relatives or in some other way unusually credible in the view of ICE.  However, in connecting the dots, one wonders if the group could help other organizations (Center Global) which have published requests for hosts.

I will follow up on this.

(Posted: Wednesday, March 29, 2017 at 11:45 PM EDT)

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